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The Leisure name was created to target the leisure industry and the business ethos was for feel-good, happy local news with no bad news and a focus on what’s happening in your local area supporting charities, shops, businesses and the community from sports to restaurants, fitness to social theatre, cinema and the arts and news, events, weather and horoscopes and provides a "Spotlight" for local talent to "Air" their creations Leisure FM is an essential part of the community.

Enjoying a celebrity portfolio of interviews which include Hank Marvin guitarist from the shadows, Brian Poole from the Tremeloes, Chas Hodges from Chas & Dave, Dave Bartram from Showaddywaddy, Paul Daniels of Magic tv fame, Phil Cool the Comedian, Steps, Hazel Dean, Tony Hadley, Adrian Edmundson, Beverly Craven, Frederick Forsyth and Errol Kennedy from the band Imagination, along with interviews with local fireworks organisers, marathon runners, charity event organisers and restaurant award winners, to name but a few.

Leisure FM broadcast 24 hours per day and spans the music decades with air-play from the 1950’s to the present day.

Leisure FM launched on 10th July 2010 and has attracted a loyal audience since this time in the Braintree District covering towns and villages within the boundarys of Chelmsford, Halstead, Colchester, Tiptree and is also available on-line to listen across the world via this web-site and other media sites. The station has expanded their team to include over 50 Team members including on-air presenters, researchers, reporters and 6 Directors, and a dedicated Road Show Team providing music & commentary for local outside events, with local sponsors and advertisers helping to fund the station. Braintree local community radio station is run entirely by volunteers.

After an 18 year vision and dream in the making since 1992 and a childhood passion for electronics and radio, local husband & wife team Steve & Debbie Fleming put their passion and determination into launching this local station in 2010, providing a platform for members of the community wishing to get involved with local radio.

We took to the air in 1993 as Carolina Radio

Things have changed a little since then.

To eradicate: destroy completely; put an end to.

"this disease has been eradicated from the world"

synonyms: get rid of, eliminate, do away with, remove, suppress…

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Leisure FM is run by 100% volunteers

Leisure FM is Licenced by Ofcom as a ‘Not-for-Profit’ Community radio station


S. Fleming (managing)

D. Fleming (secretary)

Lady P.Newton (liaison)

N. Watson (treasurer)

H. Buckingham (technical)

G. Jein (production)