Welcome to Leisure FM, a community radio station, licensed by OFCOM to provide a service to Braintree and surrounding areas.

First broadcast on the 10th July, 2010. Offering a 24 hour service on 107.4 FM and on-line at www.leisurefm.co.uk

Our programming is based on motivation and the feel good factor, providing local good news and events which are taking place in our district along with main stream music from the past 6 decades and a few specialised themed shows.


S. Flemming (managing)

D. Flemming (secretary)

Lady P.Newton (liaison)

N. Watson (treasurer)

H. Buckingham (technical)

G. Jein (production)

Advisory board:

Mr. Nigel Edey

Mr. Michael Curtis

Mr. Trevor Disley

Mrs. Jan Cole


Stephen Flemming

Deborah Flemming

Simon Dixon

Gayle Gover

Graham Lavender

Frances Lavender


Leisure FM

24 Priors Way




Leisure FM took great strides to provide a radio service that was tailored to the local area of Braintree by conducting surveys and seven 28 day radio events known as Carolina FM.

Our programming format and scheduling is a result of this but we are always keen to listen to your ideas and comments that may enhance this.

Get involved with Leisure FM by joining our ‘Listening Panel’ providing us with programme reports, good or bad, this not only keeps our team on their toes but makes sure we keep in touch with our listeners.

Leisure FM is run entirely by volunteers including the directors, advisory board and team members. We sustain the service by generating funds through our website, off-air functions and a small amount of on-air advertising.

We offer a platform for community members to join the Leisure FM team as volunteers, not only as presenters but also to help our news, events, researchers and outside broadcast teams. We also provide air time for local musicians and artists which includes local authors of poems and short stories who would like to get their creations on air.

Please contact us if you have any ideas you feel would benefit the local area via our broadcasts.

A few of the LEISURE FM Team enjoying a get-together

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