We are always looking for bright, cheerful and self motivated volunteers from the age of 18 to join our news, researchers or presenters teams dedicated to leisure and entertainment.

After receiving your application we may ask you to come along and meet us so we can explain everything to you.

If you are looking to be a presenter we will record a ‘voice check’ on the day and book you in to our training studio. Normally five one hour sessions provides enough training to offer you an ‘on-air’ test show, however we cannot guarantee a placement within Leisure FM after your training.

You will be charged £3 an hour to cover studio time which is payable on each day you attend.

We suggest you familiarise your self with Leisure FM by viewing pages within our website and also take some time to listen to the station, this will give you an insight into our programming and policy.


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Postal address: Leisure FM Ltd. 24 Priors Way, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1TW