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The group was set up by Phoenix (hello, I am Phoenix) and my intention is to provide a forum for others to share concerns and spread a bit of love in the community during this time. We have a large collection of carers and other local support networks who are able to offer support be that through helping to get medications, shopping and goods as well as emotional support through talking to others.

Braintree isolation support

Are you self isolating? If you need help getting supplies or would like to chat with someone or can donate or access food to/from the food bank, please contact us.

Our central number for the village is 01787 224 370

Our phones will be manned in the mornings and voicemail will be checked regularly.

Our Email is: clark@earlscolne.org

Earls Colne community action response

We have a higher than average quantity of vulnerable & older generation residents in our village.

Many don’t have access to the internet. They are old school and used to using the phone.

We DO have a FB page and additionally we have leafleted every household in the village. The phone number they can use to get hold of the immense amount of support and love we have for them.

The number is: 07711 690 852

and they will get through to me, Melissa. I am coordinating the efforts.

We have over 30 fantastic volunteers (growing daily) who are already busy obtaining shopping for those isolated, collecting prescriptions, going to the chemist to obtain meds, offering to call if a resident feels lonely during isolation, even a free dog walking service for those who need it.

Stisted covid19 community group

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Colne Engaine Parish Council, St Andrew’s Church, Festival Committee, The Five Bells, other village organisations and local volunteers are working together to support the Parish of Colne Engaine at this time.

A volunteer-run parish operations room has been set up providing a team of volunteers who are able to provide extra support to anyone who is identified as a vulnerable person or has or think they have coronavirus. If you are, or you care for, either of these please let us know by emailing

HQ@fivebells.net or call 01787 224 318 (10am - 7pm)

Please visit our facebook page for more details.

Colne Engaine community response

Gosfield Grapevine Community Group

We can only support people living in Gosfield who have no other way of getting their prescriptions and/or shopping.

We also want to ensure that no one slips through the net so are encouraging people to let us know if they are worried about someone who may be isolated or struggling or who doesn't have friends/relatives nearby.

Contact details: Sara Moutard - 01787 479 655 or  07837 699 014

Joanne Colyer - 01787 477 808  or  07894 577 629

Please leave a message with just your name and number if the phone is not answered straight away and we will return your call as quickly as we can.

The Essex Welfare Service are always calling for more vulnerable people to sign up for support. They were set up within a week as a response to covid but are now expanding the criteria of who they help as we come out of lockdown.


Unite in Kind

White Colne community response

In the wake of the potential Coronavirus coming  to earls colne and to help protect and support the elderly, vulnerable and people in isolation . If you are in need of some shopping and can’t leave your home pop a post on this group and a member can pop to the shops/chemist for you