Our home page slide show is a cost effective way to advertise your event for one or more weeks and provides a link to your web site or a full web page, hosted by us which includes all relevant information regarding the event.

Your event is also included in our daily on-air events listings which are broadcast 5 times per day, Monday to Friday, plus occasional live presenter announcements throughout our daily shows.

Local events are aired:

Monday to Friday:

7.30am, 3.30 pm, 5.30 pm

8.30 pm, 10.30 pm

Saturday: 8.30pm

Sunday: 7.30am

With live presenter mentions throughout our daily shows.

Great Value at only £25 per  week.

Our ad-links are a cost effective way of advertising your business, service or entertainment venue for a whole year.

They appear on our sponsor page, which includes a pop up panel with your latest information which may be updated as and when required, plus, they include a link to your own media site or a full page hosted by us.

We also feature Ad-links on our home page, linked to your own media sites or a full ad page hosted by us.

Ad-Links also enjoy an on-air coffee break, dedicated to your company on an occasional rotation basis, Monday - Friday.

Sponsor page - £100 per year.

Home page - £200 per year.

On-Air advertising rates….

Your advert will be aired 3 times per day, once in each time segment (see below) to maximize listener awareness.

All our on-air adverts are aired as a single ad, either on top of the hour or on the half hour, advertisers will be sent a schedule sheet.

We will discuss the message you wish to deliver and produce an innovative advert that includes suitable backing music with voice over

or you may provide or record at our studio your own creation.

We can produce your advert from £15.00.

Please contact Debbie or Gayle for a current rate card:

Telephone: 01376 561001

Mobile (Debbie) 07761  093 548  (Gayle) 07512  990 623

Rates… (Each package is aired 3 times per day, once per time segment).

Morning: 8.00am - Midday   Afternoon: 1.00pm - 5.00pm     Evening: 6.00pm -10.00pm

7 days giving  21 ads in total   = £70.00

14 days giving 42 ads in total  = £140.00

28 days giving 84 ads in total  = £280.00

Discounts are available for longer campaigns.

We also have many easy to manage packages to suit your needs and budget.



Our coverage….

While it is impossible to provide accurate details of our FM coverage our signal enjoys listeners from within these four compass points:

Colchester, Chelmsford, Halstead, Tiptree

We have a potential of 100k persons living and working within our footprint and it is estimated that we currently enjoy 6-8% of these on a daily basis.

Vehicle radios are able to receive our signal much further and we also provide the service via our web site which has regular listeners in all areas of the UK and enjoys international status.


Available for hire with PA system.

PA system also available separately.

Contact the team on 01376  561  001

or email info@leisurefm.co.uk

Leisure FM

Our website is updated on a regular basis and hosts a wealth of

information regarding Leisure FM, local events and our sponsors.

Our latest stats (February 2017) shows an average of 3500 visits per month (1,877.716 hits).

Promote your event on our homepage and on-air….

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Please contact our sales office on 01376  561 001

or email us on sales@leisurefm.co.uk

to discuss your campaign or order a rates card.

Our latest stat’s (February 2017) shows an

average of 3500 visits per month

(1,877.716 hits).